private boolean checkTypeName(
     char[] simpleName,
     char[] qualification,
     char[] fullyQualifiedTypeName,
     boolean isCaseSensitive,
     boolean isCamelCase) {
   // NOTE: if case insensitive then simpleName & qualification are assumed to be lowercase
   char[] wildcardPattern = PatternLocator.qualifiedPattern(simpleName, qualification);
   if (wildcardPattern == null) return true;
   return CharOperation.match(wildcardPattern, fullyQualifiedTypeName, isCaseSensitive);
 /* (non-Javadoc)
  * @see, org.eclipse.jdt.internal.compiler.lookup.Binding,
  * Accept to report match of static field on static import
 protected void matchLevelAndReportImportRef(
     ImportReference importRef, Binding binding, MatchLocator locator) throws CoreException {
   if (importRef.isStatic() && binding instanceof MethodBinding) {
     super.matchLevelAndReportImportRef(importRef, binding, locator);