Exemple #1
   * Class constructor alloowing specification of the heading text.
   * @param properties the Properties object containing the initial values of the extensions list
   *     and the path to be displayed. This object is updated tin response to root changes,
   *     extension changes, and file selections. If any property is missing, a suitable one is
   *     supplied by default.
   * @param heading the text to appear in the heading of the JPanel.
   * @param background the background color or null if the default is to be used.
  public SourcePanel(ApplicationProperties properties, String heading, Color background) {
    this.properties = properties;
    if (background == null) this.background = Color.getHSBColor(0.58f, 0.17f, 0.95f);
    else this.background = background;

    // Make the file filter
    filter = new GeneralFileFilter();
    String extensions = properties.getProperty("extensions");
    if (extensions != null) filter.setExtensions(extensions);
    else {
      properties.setProperty("extensions", filter.getExtensionString());

    // Get the starting directory path from the properties.
    // If it is missing, start in the directory containing the program.
    String currentDirectoryPath = properties.getProperty("directory");
    if (currentDirectoryPath == null) currentDirectoryPath = System.getProperty("user.dir");

    // Create the UI components
    this.setLayout(new BorderLayout());
    directoryPane = new DirectoryPane(filter, currentDirectoryPath);
    headerPanel = new HeaderPanel(heading);
    footerPanel = new FooterPanel();
    this.add(headerPanel, BorderLayout.NORTH);
    this.add(directoryPane, BorderLayout.CENTER);
    this.add(footerPanel, BorderLayout.SOUTH);
Exemple #2
  * Add a FileListener to the DirectoryPane. Higher level objects that have access only to this
  * object can register with the DirectoryPane through this method, but the DirectoryPane will send
  * the events.
  * @param listener the object listening for FileEvents.
 public void addFileListener(FileListener listener) {