* Sets the values of the properties of a specific <tt>ColibriConferenceIQ</tt> to the values of
   * the respective properties of this instance. Thus, the specified <tt>iq</tt> may be thought of
   * as a description of this instance.
   * <p><b>Note</b>: The copying of the values is deep i.e. the <tt>Contents</tt>s of this instance
   * are described in the specified <tt>iq</tt>.
   * @param iq the <tt>ColibriConferenceIQ</tt> to set the values of the properties of this instance
   *     on
  public void describeDeep(ColibriConferenceIQ iq) {

    if (isRecording()) {
      ColibriConferenceIQ.Recording recordingIQ =
          new ColibriConferenceIQ.Recording(State.ON.toString());
    for (Content content : getContents()) {
      ColibriConferenceIQ.Content contentIQ = iq.getOrCreateContent(content.getName());

      for (Channel channel : content.getChannels()) {
        if (channel instanceof SctpConnection) {
          ColibriConferenceIQ.SctpConnection sctpConnectionIQ =
              new ColibriConferenceIQ.SctpConnection();

        } else {
          ColibriConferenceIQ.Channel channelIQ = new ColibriConferenceIQ.Channel();

   * Finds an <tt>Endpoint</tt> of this <tt>Conference</tt> which sends an RTP stream with a
   * specific SSRC and with a specific <tt>MediaType</tt>.
   * @param receiveSSRC the SSRC of an RTP stream received by this <tt>Conference</tt> whose sending
   *     <tt>Endpoint</tt> is to be found
   * @param mediaType the <tt>MediaType</tt> of the RTP stream identified by the specified
   *     <tt>ssrc</tt>
   * @return <tt>Endpoint</tt> of this <tt>Conference</tt> which sends an RTP stream with the
   *     specified <tt>ssrc</tt> and with the specified <tt>mediaType</tt>; otherwise, <tt>null</tt>
  Endpoint findEndpointByReceiveSSRC(long receiveSSRC, MediaType mediaType) {
    Channel channel = findChannelByReceiveSSRC(receiveSSRC, mediaType);

    return (channel == null) ? null : channel.getEndpoint();