/** Generate a class page. */
 public static void generate(
     ConfigurationImpl configuration, ClassUseMapper mapper, ClassDoc classdoc) {
   ClassUseWriter clsgen;
   DocPath path =
   try {
     clsgen = new ClassUseWriter(configuration, mapper, path, classdoc);
   } catch (IOException exc) {
         "doclet.exception_encountered", exc.toString(), path.getPath());
     throw new DocletAbortException(exc);
  * Write out class use pages.
  * @throws DocletAbortException
 public static void generate(ConfigurationImpl configuration, ClassTree classtree) {
   ClassUseMapper mapper = new ClassUseMapper(configuration.root, classtree);
   for (ClassDoc aClass : configuration.root.classes()) {
     // If -nodeprecated option is set and the containing package is marked
     // as deprecated, do not generate the class-use page. We will still generate
     // the class-use page if the class is marked as deprecated but the containing
     // package is not since it could still be linked from that package-use page.
     if (!(configuration.nodeprecated && Util.isDeprecated(aClass.containingPackage())))
       ClassUseWriter.generate(configuration, mapper, aClass);
   for (PackageDoc pkg : configuration.packages) {
     // If -nodeprecated option is set and the package is marked
     // as deprecated, do not generate the package-use page.
     if (!(configuration.nodeprecated && Util.isDeprecated(pkg)))
       PackageUseWriter.generate(configuration, mapper, pkg);