* Test to see an application page is included only if that application exists
 public void testApplicationSection() {
   // Delete the Blog.Categories page and test it's not present in the admin global menu anymore
   deletePage("XWiki", "SearchAdmin");
       "//*[contains(@class, 'admin-menu')]//a[contains(@href, 'section=Search')]");
   restorePage("XWiki", "SearchAdmin");
  * Fails if a user can create a Configurable application without having edit access to the
  * configuration page (in this case: XWikiPreferences)
  * <p>Tests: XWiki.ConfigurableClass
 public void testConfigurableCreatedByUnauthorizedWillNotExecute() {
   // Make sure the configurable page doesn't exist because otherwise we may fail to overwrite it
   // with a
   // non-administrator user.
   deletePage("Main", "testConfigurableCreatedByUnauthorizedWillNotExecute");
   // Create the configurable for global administrator.
   loginAndRegisterUser("anotherJoker", "bentOnMalice", false);
   String nonExistingSection = "HopingThereIsNoSectionByThisName";
       "Main", "testConfigurableCreatedByUnauthorizedWillNotExecute", nonExistingSection, true);
   open("XWiki", "XWikiPreferences", "admin", "editor=globaladmin&section=" + nonExistingSection);
   assertConfigurationNotEditable("Main", "testConfigurableCreatedByUnauthorizedWillNotExecute");