* Test functionality of the ForgotUsername page:
   * <ul>
   *   <li>A user can be found using correct email
   *   <li>No user is found using wrong email
   *   <li>Email text is properly escaped
   * </ul>
  public void testForgotUsername() {
    String space = "Test";
    String page = "SQLTestPage";
    String mail = "*****@*****.**"; // default Admin mail
    String user = "******";
    String badMail = "*****@*****.**";

    // Ensure there is a page we will try to find using HQL injection
    editInWikiEditor(space, page);
    setFieldValue("title", page);
    setFieldValue("content", page);

    // test that it finds the correct user
    open("XWiki", "ForgotUsername");
    setFieldValue("e", mail);
    submit("//input[@type='submit']"); // there are no other buttons
    assertTextNotPresent("No account is registered using this email address");
    assertElementPresent("//div[@id='xwikicontent']//strong[text()='" + user + "']");

    // test that bad mail results in no results
    open("XWiki", "ForgotUsername");
    setFieldValue("e", badMail);
    submit("//input[@type='submit']"); // there are no other buttons
    assertTextPresent("No account is registered using this email address");
    assertElementNotPresent("//div[@id='xwikicontent']//strong[@value='" + user + "']");

    // XWIKI-4920 test that the email is properly escaped
    open("XWiki", "ForgotUsername");
    setFieldValue("e", "a' synta\\'x error");
    submit("//input[@type='submit']"); // there are no other buttons
    assertTextPresent("No account is registered using this email address");
   * If CodeToExecute is defined in a configurable app, then it should be evaluated.
   * Also header should be evaluated and not just printed.
   * If XWiki.ConfigurableClass is saved with programming rights, it should resave itself so that it doesn't have them.
  public void testCodeToExecutionAndAutoSandboxing() {
    String space = "Main";
    String page = "TestConfigurable";
    String codeToExecute =
        "#set($code = 's sh')"
            + "Thi${code}ould be displayed."
            + "#if($xcontext.hasProgrammingRights())"
            + "This should not be displayed."
            + "#end";
    String heading = "#set($code = 'his sho')" + "T${code}uld also be displayed.";
    createConfigurableApplication(space, page, "TestSection6", true);
    open(space, page, "edit", "editor=object");
    expandObject("XWiki.ConfigurableClass", 0);
    setFieldValue("XWiki.ConfigurableClass_0_codeToExecute", codeToExecute);
    setFieldValue("XWiki.ConfigurableClass_0_heading", heading);
    setFieldValue("XWiki.ConfigurableClass_0_configurationClass", "");

    // Our admin will foolishly save XWiki.ConfigurableClass, giving it programming rights.
    open("XWiki", "ConfigurableClass", "edit", "editor=wiki");

    try {
      // Since we modify ConfigurableClass, we must modify it back after to prevent polluting
      // further tests.
      // See http://code.google.com/p/selenium/issues/detail?id=2876 .
              Keys.chord(Keys.CONTROL, "a"),
              Keys.chord(Keys.CONTROL, "c"),
              "{{velocity}}Has Programming permission: $xcontext.hasProgrammingRights(){{/velocity}}");

      // Now we look at the section for our configurable.
      open("XWiki", "ConfigurableClass", "view", "editor=globaladmin&section=TestSection6");

      assertTextPresent("This should be displayed.");
      assertTextPresent("This should also be displayed.");
      assertTextNotPresent("This should not be displayed.");
      assertTextPresent("Has Programming permission: false");
      // Make sure javascript has not added a Save button.
    } finally {
      open("XWiki", "ConfigurableClass", "edit", "editor=wiki");
          .sendKeys(Keys.chord(Keys.CONTROL, "a"), Keys.chord(Keys.CONTROL, "v"));