Example #1
   * Tests that the current location of a document is equal to the caret Position after switching to
   * another document and back.
  public void testDocLocationAfterSwitch() throws BadLocationException {
    final DefinitionsPane pane = _frame.getCurrentDefPane();
    final OpenDefinitionsDocument doc = pane.getOpenDefDocument();
    setDocText(doc.getDocument(), "abcd");
        new Runnable() {
          public void run() {
            pane.setCaretPosition(3); // The caret is not affected by setCurrentLocation

    assertEquals("Location of old doc before switch", 3, doc.getCurrentLocation());
    assertEquals("Location of cursor in old document", 3, pane.getCaretPosition());

    // Create a new file
    SingleDisplayModel model = _frame.getModel();
    final OpenDefinitionsDocument oldDoc = doc;
    final DefinitionsPane oldPane = pane;
    final OpenDefinitionsDocument newDoc = model.newFile();

    // Current pane should be new doc, pos 0
    DefinitionsPane curPane;
    OpenDefinitionsDocument curDoc;
    curPane = _frame.getCurrentDefPane();
    curDoc = curPane.getOpenDefDocument(); // .getDocument();
    assertEquals("New curr DefPane's document", newDoc, curDoc);
    assertEquals("Location in new document", 0, newDoc.getCurrentLocation());

    // Switch back to old document
    assertEquals("Next active doc", oldDoc, model.getActiveDocument());

    // Current pane should be old doc, pos 3
    curPane = _frame.getCurrentDefPane();
    curDoc = curPane.getOpenDefDocument(); // .getDocument();
    assertEquals("Next active pane", oldPane, curPane);
    assertEquals("Current document is old document", oldDoc, curDoc);
    assertEquals("Location of caret in old document", 3, curPane.getCaretPosition());
    _log.log("testDocLocationAfterSwitch completed");