Example #1
  * Enter a unary operation into symbol table.
  * @param name The name of the operator.
  * @param arg The type of the operand.
  * @param res The operation's result type.
  * @param opcode The operation's bytecode instruction.
 private OperatorSymbol enterUnop(String name, Type arg, Type res, int opcode) {
   OperatorSymbol sym =
       new OperatorSymbol(
           new MethodType(List.make(arg), res, Type.emptyList, methodClass),
   return sym;
Example #2
  * Enter a binary operation into symbol table.
  * @param name The name of the operator.
  * @param left The type of the left operand.
  * @param right The type of the left operand.
  * @param res The operation's result type.
  * @param opcode The operation's bytecode instruction.
 private void enterBinop(String name, Type left, Type right, Type res, int opcode) {
           new OperatorSymbol(
               new MethodType(List.make(left, right), res, Type.emptyList, methodClass),
Example #3
  /** Constructor; enters all predefined identifiers and operators into symbol table. */
  private Symtab(Context context) throws CompletionFailure {
    context.put(symtabKey, this);
    names = Name.Table.instance(context);
    byteType = new Type(TypeTags.BYTE, null);
    charType = new Type(TypeTags.CHAR, null);
    shortType = new Type(TypeTags.SHORT, null);
    intType = new Type(TypeTags.INT, null);
    longType = new Type(TypeTags.LONG, null);
    floatType = new Type(TypeTags.FLOAT, null);
    doubleType = new Type(TypeTags.DOUBLE, null);
    booleanType = new Type(TypeTags.BOOLEAN, null);
    voidType = new Type(TypeTags.VOID, null);
    botType = new Type(TypeTags.BOT, null);
    unknownType =
        new Type(TypeTags.UNKNOWN, null) {

          public boolean isSameType(Type that) {
            return true;

          public boolean isSubType(Type that) {
            return false;

          public boolean isSuperType(Type that) {
            return true;
    rootPackage = new PackageSymbol(names.empty, null);
    emptyPackage = new PackageSymbol(names.emptyPackage, rootPackage);
    noSymbol = new TypeSymbol(0, names.empty, Type.noType, rootPackage);
    noSymbol.kind = Kinds.NIL;
    errSymbol = new ClassSymbol(PUBLIC | STATIC, names.any, null, rootPackage);
    errType = new ErrorType(errSymbol);
    initType(byteType, "byte", "Byte");
    initType(shortType, "short", "Short");
    initType(charType, "char", "Character");
    initType(intType, "int", "Integer");
    initType(longType, "long", "Long");
    initType(floatType, "float", "Float");
    initType(doubleType, "double", "Double");
    initType(booleanType, "boolean", "Boolean");
    initType(voidType, "void", "Void");
    initType(botType, "<nulltype>");
    initType(errType, errSymbol);
    initType(unknownType, "<any?>");
    arrayClass = new ClassSymbol(PUBLIC, names.Array, noSymbol);
    methodClass = new ClassSymbol(PUBLIC, names.Method, noSymbol);
    predefClass = new ClassSymbol(PUBLIC, names.empty, rootPackage);
    Scope scope = new Scope(predefClass);
    predefClass.members_field = scope;
    classes.put(predefClass.fullname, predefClass);
    reader = ClassReader.instance(context);
    objectType = enterClass("java.lang.Object");
    classType = enterClass("java.lang.Class");
    stringType = enterClass("java.lang.String");
    stringBufferType = enterClass("java.lang.StringBuffer");
    cloneableType = enterClass("java.lang.Cloneable");
    throwableType = enterClass("java.lang.Throwable");
    serializableType = enterClass("java.io.Serializable");
    errorType = enterClass("java.lang.Error");
    exceptionType = enterClass("java.lang.Exception");
    runtimeExceptionType = enterClass("java.lang.RuntimeException");
    classNotFoundExceptionType = enterClass("java.lang.ClassNotFoundException");
    noClassDefFoundErrorType = enterClass("java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError");
    assertionErrorType = enterClass("java.lang.AssertionError");
    classLoaderType = enterClass("java.lang.ClassLoader");
    ClassType arrayClassType = (ClassType) arrayClass.type;
    arrayClassType.supertype_field = objectType;
    arrayClassType.interfaces_field = List.make(cloneableType, serializableType);
    arrayClass.members_field = new Scope(arrayClass);
    lengthVar = new VarSymbol(PUBLIC | FINAL, names.length, intType, arrayClass);
    Symbol cloneMethod =
        new MethodSymbol(
            new MethodType(Type.emptyList, objectType, Type.emptyList, methodClass),
    nullConst = enterConstant("null", botType);
    trueConst = enterConstant("true", booleanType.constType(new Integer(1)));
    falseConst = enterConstant("false", booleanType.constType(new Integer(0)));
    enterUnop("+", intType, intType, nop);
    enterUnop("+", longType, longType, nop);
    enterUnop("+", floatType, floatType, nop);
    enterUnop("+", doubleType, doubleType, nop);
    enterUnop("-", intType, intType, ineg);
    enterUnop("-", longType, longType, lneg);
    enterUnop("-", floatType, floatType, fneg);
    enterUnop("-", doubleType, doubleType, dneg);
    enterUnop("~", intType, intType, ixor);
    enterUnop("~", longType, longType, lxor);
    enterUnop("++", byteType, byteType, iadd);
    enterUnop("++", shortType, shortType, iadd);
    enterUnop("++", charType, charType, iadd);
    enterUnop("++", intType, intType, iadd);
    enterUnop("++", longType, longType, ladd);
    enterUnop("++", floatType, floatType, fadd);
    enterUnop("++", doubleType, doubleType, dadd);
    enterUnop("--", byteType, byteType, isub);
    enterUnop("--", shortType, shortType, isub);
    enterUnop("--", charType, charType, isub);
    enterUnop("--", intType, intType, isub);
    enterUnop("--", longType, longType, lsub);
    enterUnop("--", floatType, floatType, fsub);
    enterUnop("--", doubleType, doubleType, dsub);
    enterUnop("!", booleanType, booleanType, bool_not);
    nullcheck = enterUnop("<*nullchk*>", objectType, objectType, nullchk);
    enterBinop("+", stringType, stringType, stringType, string_add);
    enterBinop("+", stringType, intType, stringType, string_add);
    enterBinop("+", stringType, longType, stringType, string_add);
    enterBinop("+", stringType, floatType, stringType, string_add);
    enterBinop("+", stringType, doubleType, stringType, string_add);
    enterBinop("+", stringType, booleanType, stringType, string_add);
    enterBinop("+", stringType, objectType, stringType, string_add);
    enterBinop("+", stringType, botType, stringType, string_add);
    enterBinop("+", intType, stringType, stringType, string_add);
    enterBinop("+", longType, stringType, stringType, string_add);
    enterBinop("+", floatType, stringType, stringType, string_add);
    enterBinop("+", doubleType, stringType, stringType, string_add);
    enterBinop("+", booleanType, stringType, stringType, string_add);
    enterBinop("+", objectType, stringType, stringType, string_add);
    enterBinop("+", botType, stringType, stringType, string_add);
    enterBinop("+", intType, intType, intType, iadd);
    enterBinop("+", longType, longType, longType, ladd);
    enterBinop("+", floatType, floatType, floatType, fadd);
    enterBinop("+", doubleType, doubleType, doubleType, dadd);
    enterBinop("+", botType, botType, botType, error);
    enterBinop("+", botType, intType, botType, error);
    enterBinop("+", botType, longType, botType, error);
    enterBinop("+", botType, floatType, botType, error);
    enterBinop("+", botType, doubleType, botType, error);
    enterBinop("+", botType, booleanType, botType, error);
    enterBinop("+", botType, objectType, botType, error);
    enterBinop("+", intType, botType, botType, error);
    enterBinop("+", longType, botType, botType, error);
    enterBinop("+", floatType, botType, botType, error);
    enterBinop("+", doubleType, botType, botType, error);
    enterBinop("+", booleanType, botType, botType, error);
    enterBinop("+", objectType, botType, botType, error);
    enterBinop("-", intType, intType, intType, isub);
    enterBinop("-", longType, longType, longType, lsub);
    enterBinop("-", floatType, floatType, floatType, fsub);
    enterBinop("-", doubleType, doubleType, doubleType, dsub);
    enterBinop("*", intType, intType, intType, imul);
    enterBinop("*", longType, longType, longType, lmul);
    enterBinop("*", floatType, floatType, floatType, fmul);
    enterBinop("*", doubleType, doubleType, doubleType, dmul);
    enterBinop("/", intType, intType, intType, idiv);
    enterBinop("/", longType, longType, longType, ldiv);
    enterBinop("/", floatType, floatType, floatType, fdiv);
    enterBinop("/", doubleType, doubleType, doubleType, ddiv);
    enterBinop("%", intType, intType, intType, imod);
    enterBinop("%", longType, longType, longType, lmod);
    enterBinop("%", floatType, floatType, floatType, fmod);
    enterBinop("%", doubleType, doubleType, doubleType, dmod);
    enterBinop("&", booleanType, booleanType, booleanType, iand);
    enterBinop("&", intType, intType, intType, iand);
    enterBinop("&", longType, longType, longType, land);
    enterBinop("|", booleanType, booleanType, booleanType, ior);
    enterBinop("|", intType, intType, intType, ior);
    enterBinop("|", longType, longType, longType, lor);
    enterBinop("^", booleanType, booleanType, booleanType, ixor);
    enterBinop("^", intType, intType, intType, ixor);
    enterBinop("^", longType, longType, longType, lxor);
    enterBinop("<<", intType, intType, intType, ishl);
    enterBinop("<<", longType, intType, longType, lshl);
    enterBinop("<<", intType, longType, intType, ishll);
    enterBinop("<<", longType, longType, longType, lshll);
    enterBinop(">>", intType, intType, intType, ishr);
    enterBinop(">>", longType, intType, longType, lshr);
    enterBinop(">>", intType, longType, intType, ishrl);
    enterBinop(">>", longType, longType, longType, lshrl);
    enterBinop(">>>", intType, intType, intType, iushr);
    enterBinop(">>>", longType, intType, longType, lushr);
    enterBinop(">>>", intType, longType, intType, iushrl);
    enterBinop(">>>", longType, longType, longType, lushrl);
    enterBinop("<", intType, intType, booleanType, if_icmplt);
    enterBinop("<", longType, longType, booleanType, lcmp, iflt);
    enterBinop("<", floatType, floatType, booleanType, fcmpg, iflt);
    enterBinop("<", doubleType, doubleType, booleanType, dcmpg, iflt);
    enterBinop(">", intType, intType, booleanType, if_icmpgt);
    enterBinop(">", longType, longType, booleanType, lcmp, ifgt);
    enterBinop(">", floatType, floatType, booleanType, fcmpl, ifgt);
    enterBinop(">", doubleType, doubleType, booleanType, dcmpl, ifgt);
    enterBinop("<=", intType, intType, booleanType, if_icmple);
    enterBinop("<=", longType, longType, booleanType, lcmp, ifle);
    enterBinop("<=", floatType, floatType, booleanType, fcmpg, ifle);
    enterBinop("<=", doubleType, doubleType, booleanType, dcmpg, ifle);
    enterBinop(">=", intType, intType, booleanType, if_icmpge);
    enterBinop(">=", longType, longType, booleanType, lcmp, ifge);
    enterBinop(">=", floatType, floatType, booleanType, fcmpl, ifge);
    enterBinop(">=", doubleType, doubleType, booleanType, dcmpl, ifge);
    enterBinop("==", intType, intType, booleanType, if_icmpeq);
    enterBinop("==", longType, longType, booleanType, lcmp, ifeq);
    enterBinop("==", floatType, floatType, booleanType, fcmpl, ifeq);
    enterBinop("==", doubleType, doubleType, booleanType, dcmpl, ifeq);
    enterBinop("==", booleanType, booleanType, booleanType, if_icmpeq);
    enterBinop("==", objectType, objectType, booleanType, if_acmpeq);
    enterBinop("!=", intType, intType, booleanType, if_icmpne);
    enterBinop("!=", longType, longType, booleanType, lcmp, ifne);
    enterBinop("!=", floatType, floatType, booleanType, fcmpl, ifne);
    enterBinop("!=", doubleType, doubleType, booleanType, dcmpl, ifne);
    enterBinop("!=", booleanType, booleanType, booleanType, if_icmpne);
    enterBinop("!=", objectType, objectType, booleanType, if_acmpne);
    enterBinop("&&", booleanType, booleanType, booleanType, bool_and);
    enterBinop("||", booleanType, booleanType, booleanType, bool_or);